Thoughts through a bus window 

Currently sat on a service bus, contemplating life.

Staring out into the blur we call reality.

Objects fading and merging into a single background due to this mechanical speed, a constant flow of new imagery is assaulting my mind, creating a smudged picture, obliterating minor details as these are dominated over by, shall we say, more powerful distractions. 

But without these tiny missed details, this boring image manifests into a singular, monotone picture without variation for the mind eye to consume. We need colour to project a sense of differentiation rather than experience a black and white similarity.

The human brain will continue to improve with technological development, technology and brain tissue will eventually merge, evaluating and interacting simultaneously. Independent status will be lost to the programmes of computerised control, freedom will be curtailed, democracy exiled, creativity crushed. In the face of depression, I realise that I must rise up now, zone in on overlooked minute details, no matter how seemingly irrelevant they may be and apply this new skill to welcome thought provoking or difficult situations, expand the mind picture and create a vision from which can evolve the finalisation of a chosen pathway.

Assign outcomes with consideration and respect, not commiseration and regret. What comes to mind whilst I’m currently developing this running image is that negativity will not solve minor problems or heal major disappointments, yes, it may temporarily relieve stress but this stress will return and hit harder so, the main question I need to ask myself during this occurrence is, can I convert this anger into positive inspiration? By converting this negative energy into motivation will not only improve my mental state but will enable me to open my eyes and identify and embrace missed opportunities. 

The streetlights flashing past right now provide intermittent light in my darkness, as if to remind me that in times of insurmountable bleakness, I must endeavour to ignite some hidden spark to illuminate the peaks and troughs of life and stand up and be counted. If I am able to achieve this then positive paths will appear from which I can make personal choices and ultimately assist my fellow man to begin the process of self-realisation and release himself from the shackles of self-obsession.

My stop is coming up now but I will not become stationary as this will lead to procrastination so, I bid you farewell as you continue on your own spiritual journey, if you are unable to establish a fire now, then scout for better resources.